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cMela for Sellers

cMela for Sellers

  • When you register on cMela, you get a free web shop.
  • http://www.shops.cmela.com//yourloginid
  • You can customize your shop.
  • And list to sell anything, new or used, in-stock or out of stock.
  • Just take a photo and upload.

Sell an item (By sale type)

  • Fixed Price In Stock and ready to ship at a fixed price.
  • AuctionBuyer has to bid to win the auction.
  • Order Not in stock but buyer can order.

Item Details

Delivery and Payment

  • cMela notifies you when it has received payment for your item.
  • Ship/Parcel your item to Buyer.

  • Receive payment from cMela once Buyer confirms delivery.


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